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Microsoft Foundation

On April 4, 1975 , two American computer geeks namely Bill Gates and Paul Allen .  Gates was attending Harvard University as a Law student, but however his love for computers never faded and he spent most of his time in the computer centre where he improved his programming skills. Soon, his childhood friend Allen left for Boston and convinced Gates to work together on their project. They prod uced an interpreter for the microcomputer Altair 8800 using BASIC programming language, which Gates showed to MITS and they agreed to distribute this product under the name of Altair BASIC. This deal inspired both of them to make their own company named Micro-Soft. Gates used the name "Micro-Soft" suggested by his friend Allen mixing " Microcomputer " and " Software ". Their first logo was created by themselves using their own programming language. It's made up of their company's name and its groovy style represent the early 70s well, as shown below. They la

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